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Take the Purina One® 21 Day Program

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your cat's health
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What is the PURINA ONE® 21 Day Program?

The 21 Day Program is our mission to help more cats lead happier, healthier lives. After registering to the program, you will complete a pre-health evaluation for your cat. From here, you will commence the transition from your cat’s current food to PURINA ONE. Once your cat is eating PURINA ONE exclusively, your 21 Day Program begins. Over the next 21 days, you could see a visible difference in your cat’s health week by week. Feeding PURINA ONE daily helps build the six visible signs of health, and the appealing taste ensures they enjoy every bowl.

What you will get out of the program:

  • Pre & post health evaluation results for your cat
  • A free 150g sample pack to aid the transition from your cat’s current food to PURINA ONE
  • Weekly emails to support you through the 21 Day Program, with reminders on what visible differences you could see each week
  • Exclusive articles and tips each week, when you log in to your 21 Day Dashboard

What results could I see from the 21 Day Program?


Today : A great appetite

As your cat enjoys the delicious taste of PURINA ONE

Week 1+: Higher levels of energy & vitality

Due to the high quality ingredients and complete and balanced nutrition of PURINA ONE

Week 2+: A healthier digestion

With real meat and other high quality, wholesome ingredients aiding high nutrient absorption

Week 3+: Healthy skin, shiny coat & bright eyes

Thanks to the Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, and essential vitamins and minerals provided by PURINA ONE