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Whole Body Health

When cats are healthy, it shows in playtime,
feeding time, and downtime. It shows from head to tail. From the inside out. Every day.

Start by determining your cat's baseline for feeding, behaviour, and body condition so you can begin building whole body health for a lifetime.


What does a healthy appetite look like for your cat?

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Determine your cat's norm for play, socialising, rest, and more.

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Determine signs of physical health in your cat.

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6 Signs of Health

Discover the visible signs of health to look out for.

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Tips For Feeding Your Cat Or Kitten

We've noticed a few questions from our community asking about the best ways to feed your cats, so we’ve prepared a list of tips and best practices.

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What’s Behind Your Cat’s Curious Behaviour?

Do you ever wonder why your cat moves socks around your house, or likes to crawl into boxes? Cat owners in our community shared their questions about their cats' quirks and habits, and we took their questions to our Purina experts.

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